What do you know about allocating to stocks between 2000 & 2002?

I was Director of Asset Allocation at a broker-dealer and responsible for the development of asset allocation strategies used by 6,000 registered representatives.

After the market crashed many said to me don’t worry about the asset allocation strategies they worked pretty well. Instead of losing 80% they only lost 50-75%.

I thought this was astonishing because what we were saying about diversification and strategic asset allocation (the technical term) was that it doesn’t work fully only partially … you are still going to lose alot of money. Anyways, we continued to use the same strategic asset allocation approach.

Fast forward to the year 2008 and now I’m a co-portfolio manager, managing $30 billion in client money. So instead of me being an indirect participant in the same asset allocation strategies that I had designed, I was now a fiduciary managing 1/3 of the total assets.

Needless to say I left the firm (2010) and developed my own approach for my own clients.

The Secular Advisor Active Asset Allocation Strategies are designed to outperform passive buy & hold strategies


By growing in bull markets and avoiding major losses beyond 10% in bears

Because as you can see losses beyond 10% require a greater gain to make up the loss.


Strategy Advantage of Avoiding Major Losses – Growth of $100,000

Period: 1966 – 2020

You could say that “difference” is really the extra opportunity & benefit of added protection

Just imagine being able to increase your assets by simply avoiding loss …

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